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Tyres Tractor

Tyres and inner tubes


Within this vast product field, we offer tyres and inner tubes of practically all of the most important global manufacturers at competitive prices and for any type or purpose of use. We also offer products which are rarely sold in other stores.

Our product range thus includes the following:

  • Sava, Dunlop, Debica, Fulda, Goodyear, Nokian, Bridgestone, Michelin, etc. tyres

We offer very favourable cash discounts throughout the year on our tyre programme as well as savings on installation and wheel balancing services at our tyre repair centres.

  • Forklift tyres and inner tubes

We always have a wide range of forklift tyres and inner tubes in stock. Since we import them ourselves, we can also offer very reasonable prices.

  • SAVA scooter, motor, and moped rubber tyres and inner tubes

Many years of excellent cooperation with the Sava factory also contribute to year–on–year sales growth and a growing number of satisfied customers. The quality of these tyres has been certified by numerous world renowned scooter and motor manufacturers who use these tyres for factory installation (Piaggio, Aprilia, Suzuki, Peugeot, Malaguti, Tomos, etc.).
Tyres are in stock throughout the year, since we supply them to numerous service facilities and sales centres. Sava is continually developing new models and sizes which you can purchase at our company immediately after they have been manufactured.

  • Industrial and agricultural vehicle tyres:
  1. Agricultural vehicle tyres (used for small agricultural machines)
  2. Wide–profile tyres for work vehicles (e.g. mowers, auxiliary units, small tractors, etc.)
  3. Trailer tyres
  4. Wheelbarrow, implement and cart tyres
  • Sava, Vee rubber, Amass, and Pirelli tyres and inner tubes

For the ninth consecutive year, along with Sava products, Gumitehna d.o.o. has been offering products by other manufacturers as well. Numerous bicycle service centres, shops and our customers have confirmed our choice of selecting several tyre and inner tube manufacturers was the right one (a diverse range of prices and quality).